Running, few advices

Setting an objective and Training A few principles on running: Dream Big, Start Small Trust the Process Have fun Setting an objective: If you are a true running beginner and not a very sporty person, please do not start by a marathon which seems to be very trendy in Vietnam. It is both impressive and…

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Power of Strava

Strava is a great social platform to connect many runners (physically or digitally) and to allow to see how runners are training. You can connect with me here: As you got it, my training is mostly focused on 5k/10k training ie you won’t see many two hours workouts. But you will see that I…

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How To Increase Your Speed in Running?

I got the chance last August to share about “How To Increase Your Speed in Running” during the online Holistic Fair (organized by La Holista and Drinkizz). Here is the link of the video: And thanks to Tatsuya for his support for the video. Alex


Alex’s Partners / Supporters

WELLBEING PARTNERS LA HOLISTA: it is a Holistic Health & Wellness Company founded by Chiara Squinzi & Pascale Fioretti based in Thao Dien. They organize the Holistic Fair on top of nutrition, hikes and coaching programs. And they support Saigon Zen Run through their ambassador program. TAFAKORI THERAPY & TRAINER: Passionate health and sports professional…


Heroes Academy, a global retreat

I was part of many programs and some retreat. The most important ones are Vipassana and Heroes Academy (HA). HA is a multi-cultural and multi-national program to unleash the inner Hero in each of us! We gather to learn life skills through mindful consciousness practice, generosity, audacity, regional adventures, and co-creation in extraordinary places around…


Health, Lifestyle and Wellbeing?

A few definitions: Health: “Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.” (WHO Definition) Lifestyle: “someone’s way of living; the things that a person or particular group of people usually do” (Cambridge Dictionary) Well-being: ” the state of feeling healthy and happy” (Cambridge Dictionary) Then, let extend the definition…

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More about Alexandre Videau

Alexandre Videau is the founder of Saigon Zen Run. Very sporty since he was a kid, he practiced Aikido, Climbing, Tennis in Club and Running mainly to relax and to make easily some friends. Sport always help him to feel better physically and mentally, to make friends all over the world. The process to arrive…

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Saigon Zen Run’s purpose

“Sport represents the best school of life by teaching young people the skills and values they need to be good citizens” – UNESCO. I am Alex and I love a lot that quote. I love a lot sport and for so many reasons. It allows to connect people (without consideration of many social aspect such…