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Saigon Zen Run is about Running and Wellbeing. We aim at spreading best practices about running all over Vietnam starting by Saigon, and to use it as a transformative practice of Mind & Body to unleash people’s potential.

We are a team of passionate runners and we want to spread our love of running and everything it can bring to people's life. We are inviting individuals and also corporates in this amazing adventure though different programs.

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About Us

Alex launched Saigon Zen Run in January 2020, and then was joined by Tatsuya. The team worked in business, innovation and HR in different countries but above all they are competitive runners. And they aim at participating in the transformation of running industry in Vietnam.

Results in Quy Nhon (July 2020): Tatsuya ran in 2:52 the full-marathon (Tatsuya) and Alex in 1:19 the half-marathon (Alex). They target running 3k in less than 9 min end of September.

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