Join The Last Standing (Wo)Man

Support Elite Orphans Running Club, and join The Last Standing Man this Sunday! It is the main cause but it has different purposes:

  • to offer you a time out of Saigon enjoying the nice area around Ho Da Lake
  • to have fun
  • to do a Long “Easy” or “Hard” run with friends
  • to have one of the last or the last long easy run before DLUT (June 21st)


This is our 3km loop that runners will have to complete under 20 minutes to be allowed to run the next loop (ie. a pace of 6’40 min/km).

If runners finish the loop in 16 minutes, they will have 4 minutes to recover in the resting area where POCARI, water and bananas await them.

If runners finish the loop in 21 minutes, they are disqualified and can receive their finisher’s T-Shirt with the amounts of loops they have run (printing on the race village).

👉  More info: official website  & Facebook page (check the event section)

👉  20% discount for Saigon Zen Run community
👉  To register, follow this Google Form HERE and join Alex for his run

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