Heroes Academy, a global retreat

I was part of many programs and some retreat. The most important ones are Vipassana and Heroes Academy (HA).

HA is a multi-cultural and multi-national program to unleash the inner Hero in each of us! We gather to learn life skills through mindful consciousness practice, generosity, audacity, regional adventures, and co-creation in extraordinary places around the world!

The program is funded on a “Pay-It-Forward” model. So far, previous class participants have felt the retreats to be “life-changing” immersive experiences that were so powerful and become contributor to the movement, offering the gift they received before. And thus making it *free* for participants who are accepted into the program.

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Some steps on the projects

From a Prototype in 2016 …

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Heroes Academy 0 in Arcachon, August 2016

To the version 4 in 2019

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Heroes Academy 4 in Bulgaria, September 2019

And moving now to a Global Online Edition

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Collaboration with Saigon Zen Run:

Alex has been involved with Heroes Academy since his creation in 2016 while he met for the first time Meta Satori in 2013. Alex plans to organize one version of Heroes Academy in Vietnam in 2021 and will spread the word of Meta Satori thanks to his online Introduction to Meditation (Facebook event: here)

Meta Satori: Find his personal website here and reach him if your coaching needs match him.

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