January 2021: three races

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While it might not be super delicate to share about races, here goes my running sum-up for January which includes two competitions:

Start of January: (Very) Sick and frustrated because I will not get a PB at the coming 5 km at Olympic 2030 Môn Việt Dã (originally a postponed race) 🥴.

▶️ 10th of January: I knew I won’t perform but I was Struggling at pace 4’05 … 😫

▶️ 17th of January: 10 km race HCMC Marathon. It was tough last year and I was very ambitious just a month before. I finally went there with few ambitious .. Excellent conditions for Vietnam but it was a quite hard for me while I pushed at the end.

Thanks to great support of Dev Chris (pacing for a while) and the kids 💕, I finished it in 36’37 (and a podium – always appreciated ) 🥉. Then I paced Phuoc like last year on 5 km. He continues to impress me and ran the 5 km in 21’14 while leading the race from the start 🥇🥇🥇. Funny story: I missed the departure for a few secondes and took about 2 km to catch him 😹😹. I had to consider him as a competitor to get him 🤭.

▶️ This week: I Ran 82 km which is the top 2 weekly volume for the last 3 months. I feel great and I am looking forward to ramp-up to get back to shape and prepare next races whenever it happens. 🤞🤞🤞 for everything and most importantly for everyone 🤞🤞🤞

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