Purpose of Saigon Zen Run

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The Power of Sport and Running:

“Sport represents the best school of life by teaching young people the skills and values they need to be good citizens” – UNESCO.

That quite is quite important for all the sporty people, and we hope as well for the others (no, you don’t need to love sport ;)). Running is popular all over the word and is blooming in Vietnam with more and more runners all over the streets and the multiplication of races. 

Balance, The Key:

Performance is great but we also believe in balance. While it can be a constant challenge to find it (we mean it), we want to encourage this search by offering more tools than only runnings tips.

We encourage a balanced practice of running with many other invisible practices (yoga, meditation etc.), and runner’s development thanks to more awareness of their capacities, shape and health.

We believe that all runners should Dream big but start small, Trust the running process and Have fun to have a healthy and long term practice.

Saigon Zen Run’s purpose is to encourage a balanced practice of running.

We but who?

As per 2021, only Alex is involve in the project to share his vision. Some other people were involved before and we thanked them.

In 2020, Alex trained more than 100 people through different programs mixing running and other practices.

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