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Alexandre Videau is the founder of Saigon Zen Run. Very sporty since he was a kid, he practiced Aikido, Climbing, Tennis in Club and Running mainly to relax and to make easily some friends. Sport always help him to feel better physically and mentally, to make friends all over the world.

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Coach Alex

The process to arrive to SZR:

Alex has degrees in Engineering & Business, and is passionate about tech & innovation. He also love to explore the word (Middle East, Americas and Asia) which broaden his vision of the world.

In 2019 and based in Saigon, he worked for Schoolab Asia as a Coach in Innovation to support Intrapreneurs and Entrepreneurs to develop new products or services, and also as Partnerships Manager as a team member to organize the First Edition of Hanoi Innovation Summit.

From January 2020, he wants now to share his vision about Running and Wellbeing around softer practices like meditation or yoga, which he started after his Vipassana Retreat┬áin India in 2018, and cultivated during Heroes Academy, a personal development program he supported from his start in France and then in Bulgaria. That’s why you will hear about meditation and yoga going all along your practices.

His running experience:

It is always more reassuring to have a coach who experienced what he tells you to do.

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Results in Vietnam:

Ambition for 2020: 15’20 on 5k / 33’00 on 10k

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