Performance & Wellbeing Tips

All those informations were shared in this video:

  •   You should at least once per week work on some strength. It is not what runners love the most but you need to be strong and balanced to avoid injuries
  •  You need to be flexible in your run and not heavy. Yoga is a perfect solution for that!
  •  Have a cadence of 180 strides / min. It is proved it is the most economical way to run. We tend to have a lower cadence so you just have to reduce the length of your strides and it will increase. If you have a watch check that info. 

Let’s start by the technique and coordination

  •  Use the other runners During the training to push yourself but also during a race.

During every training: running can be considered as an individual sport, but we are convinced it’s a team effort! Some sessions will be very intense and being with enthusiastic people will help you to push yourself a lot!

During a race: Be consistent in your race, turn your brain off, and follow the flow thanks to some pacers! There is always someone at your pace and regular.. Find this person and support each other during the race.

  •  Have good nutrition & Drink a lot of water & Sleep & Relax @ Rest Well
  • Have a positive mindset and believe in yourself while being flexible

Take care of yourself and Grow we can not insist enough on the  need to care about your body & mind.

  • Recovery and resting: learn how to take a break to progress. Important to insist on that since it is extremely hard to accept that we need to recovery while we feel we are “losing time”. Many runners see the training as a one month cycle and can get up to a one full week recovery or just reducing the volume.
  • Support by some external professionals like a physiotherapist or an ostheopath: you might not be able to manage everything and while exploring your body you will have many new things coming to you. Those specialists will help you
  • There are many other practices which are absolutely wonderful: reiki, acupuncture, shiatsu …

The content was extracted from a video published in August 2020. You can check it here:

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