Performance: your limits defined by your Vo2 Max

We all have some limits (physical, mental)  that we can challenge. And what is super cool is that we can quickly have an estimation of those limits and then train and train to reach them and try to overcome them. 

Without getting technical, Let’s jump to Maximal Aerobic Speed also called The Velocity at VO2max.

Definition: It is the speed at which the maximal oxygen uptake or VO2max occurs. It is great indicator for your training and to predict your race performance.

And you can test that speed easily: you could go to a laboratory or simply by running during 6 min at your full speed. Your average speed you will have is your maximal aerobic speed.

 If you are at your best capacity thanks to a very consistent and efficient training, you should be able to run at:

% of of the MASDistance
80 – 82%Marathon
84 – 86%Half Marathon
88 – 92%10k
92 – 94 % 5000 m
Around 98%2000 m or 3000 m

The content was extracted from a video published in August 2020. You can check it here:

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