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From an Engineering & Business, Alex started his adventure in Vietnam working for Schoolab Asia. He was a Coach in Innovation to support Intrapreneurs and Entrepreneurs to develop new products or services, and organized a massive event in Hanoi.

From January 2020, he decided to share his vision about Running and Wellbeing around softer practices like meditation or yoga.

It took years to come to that point. It started with the encounter of Jules, and then his first Heroes Academy in 2016. Then, Alex joined a Vipassana Retreat in India in 2018, and then co-organized a new Heroes Academy in Bulgaria. Running was quite present in that journey but not sufficient to fulfil Alex.

Results in Vietnam (overall ranking, pro included):

Ambition for 2021: looking for a 5 km PB (16’54), 10 km (35’26), HM (1’19’22)

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