Running, few advices

Running, few advices

Setting an objective and Training

A few principles on running:

  • Dream Big, Start Small
  • Trust the Process
  • Have fun

Setting an objective:

If you are a true running beginner and not a very sporty person, please do not start by a marathon which seems to be very trendy in Vietnam. It is both impressive and scary. Don’t forget that running can be quite intense for the mind & body, respect them.

Start to train with a few runs every week to allow your body to adapt and to let your mind learn more about it. You might be very sporty but take it easy if you sport does not include any running specificities. Then put yourself an objective on a 5k or 10k. Then when you reach it you will move forward to a 10k.

Some simplified elements regarding your training

It should contain:

  • Easy Run – (5-10k) at an easy pace – you can speak and breath easily
  • Long Run – (12-20k) at an easy pace, but you can include 2 * 10 min or a 20 min block at your tempo pace (half-marathon pace)
  • Speed session – repetition of short effort which are pretty intense
  • Tempo session – you run at your Half Marathon pace

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