The Lakes Race 2020: from a participant to a organizer

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Purpose of The Lakes Race:

“Running allows orphans to dream bigger, bring confidence and get a better self- esteem”.

We want to create opportunities to change orphans’ life by exploring their athletic ability, by engage them with social activities andby build their confidence. We also aim at building awareness for community to take care children in need.

Values we want to spread in our projects:

  • Nothing is granted: you need to commit to get results
  • Diversity is gold: they will inspire others as they will be inspired
  • Confidence improved: they will realize they are like others
  • Love: they will feel it all around them for that special day

​This was the original vision for the first edition. In the first edition of 2019, 125 orphans were invited to join the Kids Race for free (Race Kit and all necessary items like shoes and socks). In our second edition of 2019, 162 orphans from 5 different orphanages joined the fun. For the Third Edition coming on 11/10/2020 and despite current situation, we invite + 150 orphans! 


2019: Last year, I was a participant. That year, I was one of the three organizers joined the funding organizers Chris and Kiu. It had been challenging with a race postponing just before the original date. It is not the first time I participate in organizing an event. It does never change: it is very time consuming :-).

2020, D-Day: I was out of the village from 5 am to 9 am and then I started to feel that beautiful atmosphere. I come at 9 am with some tensions since we got issues on the routes map of 5 km (our fault) and on 10/15km due to another race which totally ignored us and blocked our path. I am a competitive runner and I was very sorry for all those people who got to the wrong way (especially the extremely competitive ones)

So yes, I was a bit frustrated before feeling the village’s atmosphere. And then I simply felt better. It appears that then I ran the 1600m and 600m races and it was crazy fun. I loved it! And that’s also all what people remembers.

Thanks to all participants for the joy you brought and for brining 130 orphans to that race <3.

Pictures: here

Results: here

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