National Title at Tien Phong National Championship on 10 km

Super happy to share that I finished 1st of the 10k – Open Category at the 🇻🇳 National Championship @ Tien Phong Marathon in 36’05. Open Category describes all the runners who are not Vietnamese & Professionals.

Going through the finishing but hope no ones follows haha

And it’s a new podium with young champion Tri Tam Truong🙏✨.

It was very hot 🔥 and the race was not flat. And I can’t imagine the crazy effort engaged by marathoners… 🥵Next race in three* weeks with VnExpress Marathon Quy NhÆ¡n Half-Marathon ✌️.

Happy that I shared those beautiful moments with those great people 🥰. Thank you and happy resting to everyone!

Article here from Fan Dien Kinh:

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