VnExpress Marathon Quy Nhon

Half-Marathon ran 1:19:22. Personal Best and improvement by 1 min 30🔥.

Team Saigon

I don’t hide that I wished I was faster (as many other runners 😅😇) but I am glad about the result. I finished 6th overall ranking and 4th in my category (🍫 medal).

Top 10 of the Half-Marathon

The race was much harder than I thought. I kept thinking about the big bridge but in fact the difficulty comes from the repetition of bridges. Plus, I believe it was pretty hot and my heart was quite high from the start.

Regarding my race management, I believe it was acceptable. Not too fast for the first 5 km (a bit too slow in fact but it was hard to leave the Saigon’s team), then I was fine until kilometer 10. But then it was quite difficult to run and I found again that HM is way too long for me.

Super experience in Quy Nhon with friends and meeting very nice runners 🤟🏖.

Coming back now to train on short distance 🏃. with hopefully some races end of the year 🤞.

All results HERE

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